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Reliability test

The highest level of rigorous reliability testing

All products manufactured by Milre comply with KS/KC standards.
Furthermore, we go beyond the KS/KC standards and implement even higher product standards to ensure the production of impeccable goods.
This commitment to excellence has led to the recognition of our products for their exceptional quality.

Locking/Unlocking Durability Test

Milre takes pride in its high durability, achieved by adhering to its own standards that surpass the KS/KC standards.

Division Milre’s Standards KS/KC Related Standards
from the outdoor
Only Pin code 120,000 times 60,000 times
In the case of other solution Pin code 40,000 times 20,000 times
Non-Pin code 80,000 times 40,000 times
Unlocking from the indoor 80,000 times 40,000 times
Mortise More than 200,000 times -

Dead Bolt Strength Test

We present the strength of the deadbolt, which is a key component to secure the strength of keeping the door locked, and the strength standard of the latch bolt in the mortise lock.

Division Detail Milre’s Standards KS/KC Related Standards
Mortise lock Dead bolt
Push test
- Push test : 1765 N
- lateral pressure test : 2942 N
- Push test : 1470 N
- lateral pressure test : 2451 N
Latch bolt - lateral pressure test : 3923 N --
Rim lock Dead bolt - Push test : 1765 N
- lateral pressure test : 2942 N
- Push test : 1470 N
- lateral pressure test : 2451 N

ESD teste (High Voltage Test)

Milre’s digital door locks are designed to provide safe usage and protection against intentional electric shocks and high-voltage environments that may be associated with illegal intrusion attempts.

KS/KC Related Standards Milre’s Standards Remarks
The conditions in which static electricity of 8 kV is applied to the metal parts and 15 kV to the non-metal parts Compliance with KS standards
The conditions in which pulses of 25 kV are applied to the metal parts and 30 kV to the non-metal parts, continuously for 200 times (each pulse lasting 20 seconds) at a cycle of 10 Hz The conditions in which the digital door locks are subjected to 600 consecutive applications (for 1 minute) under the same conditions

The cold resistance, heat resistance, and moisture resistance tests

Given the exposure of digital door locks to external environments, it is essential to ensure their reliability and performance in different conditions. To meet the requirements of various environmental conditions, rigorous tests are conducted on the door locks, including high-temperature, high-humidity, low-temperature, and condensation tests.