Milre is a renowned brand that has played a significant role in popularizing digital door locks in Korea.

Milre, as a leading brand, has spearheaded the Korean digital door lock market by offering high-quality products through technological innovation.

Milre Systek is a company that leads the domestic and international digital door lock market with advanced technology and excellent quality.

To respond to the rapidly changing IT environment, technology, and trends, Milre joined forces with Pacific General in 2022.

This partnership aims to present a new security paradigm through continuous challenges and innovations in line with the rapidly growing global security market. Pacific General and Milre share a common mission, core values, and vision of prioritizing customer safety. Our shared values emphasize assisting customers in enjoying a safer and more convenient life. We are committed to ceaseless efforts, laying the foundation for sustainable growth through change and innovation.

Furthermore, Milre engages in social contribution activities for the underprivileged and local communities, fulfilling our mission as a social enterprise and fostering growth alongside our partners. We remain committed to ethical management.

CEO Kim gaon